Tomorrow is October 1st, so that means it's officially time to get ready for Halloween. Not that we haven't been doing a little bit of that already, but now I don't have to feel like I'm jumping the gun!

Besides decorating the house, and trick-or-treating, one of our favorite Halloween traditions is Boo-ing. I'm sure y'all have heard of it before, its basically ding-dong-ditching, but in a nice way. You leave a fun halloween treat, and instructions that they have to keep the boo-ing going. 
My kids look forward to this every year, and we have so much fun with it!

These are the boo printables I made last year, and will probably use them again this year as well. Except, now that I'm sharing them, it might be obvious who they came from...maybe I'll have to get creative and do something new!

Enjoy these, just click on the collection picture below and it'll take you to the download page for all the printables pictured, then just print and have fun with the kidlets!