Peyton's Ice Cream parlor

I realized as I was looking back through my blog that I forgot to post something pretty important. I do have four children, and threw each of them a birthday party within a 2.5 month period. I don't know if it was pure exhaustion from doing them all or what, but I didn't post about miss Peytons party, or the fact that she turned 5 over 2.5 months ago! Sorry about that Peyton. The funny thing is this is one of my favorite parties ever!

For our sweet girl, we had to have a sweet party, and ice cream fit the bill perfectly!

Lots of sweets and toppings and pink yumminess!

I got little containers for all the toppings, painted them and then made little tags to go on them.

I love me some cake pops, so I had to make these when I saw them, they're mini ice cream pops. Made just like cake pops, but stuck on a mini ice cream cone and topped with chocolate. so good!

To stick with the neopolitan theme, we had three flavors of milk in their own custom little bottles.

And a super yummy, and tall neopolitan chocolate cake.

I have found these little swing top bottles everywhere and am in love with them, they're perfect for so many things, including holding caramel and chocolate.

A little custom sign for Peyton

The invite was the inspiration for the whole event, so perfect!

There were cute little labeled buckets for all three ice cream flavors, filled with ice to keep it all cold.

I saw the waffle cones filled with fruit on pinterest and it was a perfect addition to this sweet party.

We played a little sundae relay outside before we dug into the sweet stuff.

First they had to run the bowl down to the table

Then add some ice cream

and some caramel sauce

then strawberry sauce

Then everyones favorite was the sprinkles. They had to wear them on their head, attached to a headband and pour it into the bowl without using their hands.

Halli was very determined

Then using their mouths, they added a cherry on top.

So much fun!

The kids sat around after and poured more sprinkles cause they loved that so much.

Most of them missed the bowl completely.

Then it was time to go in and partake of the goodness! Someone loved the cherries!

Peyton had fallen off the trampoline, and wasn't in a very good mood, even while blowing out her candles.

We love this sweet girl so much, and I can't believe she's 5 and growing up so fast!

Happy super late birthday sweet girl!

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